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New Grad RN [Sep. 15th, 2008|07:22 pm]
Meet other nurses!



I was wondering if anyway here was in the bay area, ca? I just graduated in May, passed the boards (whoohoo!) and can not find a job. Most the hospitals in the area are NOT hiring until 2009. Does anyone have any advice for what I can do until then? Anything would help at this point (I've been searching since Jan. 2008, and just moved here July).


[User Picture]From: robsguardianang
2008-12-28 04:43 am (UTC)


Hey there Chiklette:)

I, too, just graduated in May & passed boards (July)...GO US, huh!?!? Did you ever find a job?

I haven't been on Live Journal in AGES, so I'm wondering if you'll even see this message anytime soon...lol...

I hope things are going well in your world!!

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